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Purple clay is a rare and finite resource that can only be mined from a single location in China. It is considered superior to regular clay thanks to its smoother texture and increased porousness. We only ever use authentic purple clay when creating each of our tea pots.

The highly porous nature of the clay is a huge reason why these teapots are so prized. A porous teapot is perfect for retaining the flavour of the tea produced inside it within its walls. In fact, some older pots that have been loved and used for many years are famed for their ability to create a delicious tea blend simply by adding hot water to the pot. This is because of the tea the has been retained within the porous nature of the pot itself.

We only work with the best local artisans who hand create each tea pot they present. Each Craftsman and woman based in Yixing spends years learning to press the wet purple clay into a perfect flat piece. This single flat piece is then folded and manipulated to turn it into a pot. The tools used for this process are surprisingly minimal: spatulas, small hammers and bamboo needles: it's a true skill, and one we are proud to support.

Purple clay is entirely free from toxins. It doesn't contain lead, arsenic, cadmium, and other toxic materials. This means that you will gain superior health benefits of using a purple clay teapot, when compared to other traditional teapots that are available.

【Total length】: 13.6 CM
【Total height】: 8 CM
【Capacity】: 250 ML

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