Car Scratch Remover Wax Automobile Glossy Shine Body Polish Cream Paint Restorer Cleaning Agent Paste For Car SUV Coating Wax

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Product description
Bullet Points:
1. Restore Your Car's Shine: Keep your car looking brand new with our Car Wax Scratch Remover. Its 3 in 1 formula not only quickly removes minor scratches, but it also prevents blackening, fading, and cracking of your car paint. Protect and prolong the life of your car's exterior with ease.
2. Simple Use: Say goodbye to car scratches with our scratch remover. Wipe scratches with a soft towel or sponge until the scratches disappear. Its easy-to-use formula requires no professional skills or tools. Simply apply and repeat if necessary. Restore your car's appearance effortlessly.
3. Complete Car Makeover: Elevate your car's appearance with this multi-functioning car wax scratch remover. Say goodbye to stubborn attachments like tar, glue, and bird droppings while repairing paint scratches. Keep your vehicle looking brand new and its surfaces clean and radiant.
4. Skin-Friendly Formula: Our car wax scratch remover is safe to use with all skin types. With a skin-friendly formula, it does not irritate the skin or pose any risks to your health. Made with natural ingredients, it is the perfect solution for removing scratches and restoring your car's shine.

5. Easy to Carry: This car wax scratch remover is easy to carry and store, so you can use it anytime, anywhere. Its small size makes it convenient to apply on any surface of your car, leaving it shiny and smooth.


Looking for an easy-to-use solution for blackening and fading car discomfort? Look no further than our Scratch and Swirl Remover! Keep your car surfaces clean and tidy with our non-irritating formula, which is gentle on the skin. Plus, its small size makes it perfect for carrying with you outdoors.

1. Name: Car Wax Scratch Remover
2. Ingredients: stearic acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid, rosin, beeswax, resin wax

3. Net content: about 120ml

Packing List:
1*Car Scratch Remover Wax

1. Only suitable for seamless surfaces: paint, metal, glass, etc.;
2. Please be in a cool and ventilated environment at 0-40 degrees Celsius,
3. It should not be used under direct sunlight or overheating of the body,

4. Including petroleum distiller Keep away from children, keep away from fire, and strictly keep out of eye inlet.

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