Abs Trainer Muscle Stimulator with USB Rechargeable Abdominal Toning Belt EMS Vibration Fitness Massager Workout Equipment

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Adopts high-tech EMS massage technology, inputting certain low-frequency pulse current into the human body to stimulate muscles, achieve the slimming massage effect. Accelerate the blood circulation and metabolism. Good effective in muscle training, fat reducing, as well as figure shaping. Can fit the skin very well and help you to complete more fitness projects. 6 modes and 9 levels of vibration intensity to choose, meet your different demands. 25 minutes each day. It's super light, ultra thin, convenient to carry on.
6 kinds of Modes:
1-2 mode: dense and uniform muscle movement, fast burning fat.
3-4 mode: strong elastic exercise, deeply stimulate the growth of muscle.
5-6 mode: multi-band composite mode, to create a charming body shape.

Package Include:

1 * Abdominal Pad
2 * Arm Pad
3 * Main Machine
1 * Charging Cable
1 * Manual

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